Will we survive….

Will we survive… a question on my head every day…

It’s nearly a year we’re into our IVA, still 4 to go and this has been a frequent question in my head and I’m tired… I’m tired of this life.
Our problem is not our budget… the budget is fine… we can live on the budget… it’s my #$@&% car… and we can’t afford to get another one or get rid of this one… will this survive 4 years!!!!

All this car gives me is problems, yes I had some money aside for car repairs & MOT, but not as much as the trouble it is giving me.
Begining of the year and my cluch had to be replaced, luckly we had a bonus from work due to long service… next one only in 5 year and all this extra when to fix the car.
Since than alternator died and now needs to go again to garage not even sure what is going on with it now, these “unplanned” problem are killing me, any little saved is gone, and without any extra cash or bonus in sight … will we survive

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Get me out of here….

Creditors meeting is booked …. 30th August…. I’ve starting to get anxious and worrying again that the proposal will get rejected.
2 out of 3 of the creditors hold more that 25%, so a no from one of them will fail the IVA.
I’m trying to keep busy but is not easy, this is a quiet week at work and is making harder to focus in anything rather than the meeting.
The afternoons at home alone with the kids are even worse.
I need to get myself some home work or this will drive me crazy…

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The waiting game

We have now received our proposals, read and sign and sent back… But I hate this waiting game.
I know we have to wait no less that 16 days before a meeting can happen but this is stressing me, I don’t like to way.

I know there shouldn’t be a reason to be scared as the IP wouldn’t put the proposal to the creditors if didn’t believe it was going to be approved… but I’m.
I’m scared due to %’s that each creditor holds.
2 out of 3 of them hold more that 25%, so a no from them will fail the IVA.

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Nearly there…

Our proposal is now ready, just waiting for it to arrive so we can read the T&C and send it back.
Few minor adjustments to our original draft I&E but I can’t complain, after reading the StepChange guidelines I knew this would either be changed now or on the creditors meeting.
Better now than later.
We’ve been living on this same budget since we started, it’s doable, everything budgeted per week.
Not easy IF something goes wrong with the car but let’s hope for the best only.

Also had a very pleasant surprise this week, after receiving our Tesco club card points went and check for deals and notice Avios air miles….
Wow I had forgotten about Avios points, when and check the website and realise that apart from air miles they also do theme parks and others.
And I had enough points to swap for tickets for the whole family to go to Chessington without spending a penny…. Well will have to pay for the food but a Picnic will not be very expensive. The kids are gonna love it, they keep on asking to go and we always have to say no.

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Profitable weekend!!!

Great start for the weekend… Very profitable…. Not that I made any money, but did same quite a big amount trying my luck with same new DIY for me.

My car fob key…. Yes car…. Is always the cars…. My car fob key is so old and getting so damaged that barely worked… Buttons falling apart… An using just the key would always activate the alarm.

After contacting several dealers and other companies the quote was always the same… Around £120 for key and programming, what a rip off.

So I decided to try my luck with some new DIY for me… Soldering… worst it could happen was I mess up everything and still have to go for the £120 option.

eBay shopping… £16.50 and manage to buy a soldering kit, new case for key fob, an new switches for the key fob.
All arrived this morning, and very nervously manage to desolder the old switch from the key fob and solder the new ones… Clearly visible it is a amateur job but its working… £100 savings 🙂

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2 Months

It’s been around 2 months since this journey started.
Is not easy… Having the kids always asking to go to some places and to buy some toys and having to say always “we’ll try”… “Later”…
Same with my “partner”, struggling with some things that had to be changed…
That’s the budget and that’s it… We sticking to it, no changes… Want something different need to be saved from another “area” of the budget.

My draft proposal is now ready, just waiting for our IP meeting and later the creditors meeting.
Yeah, we still on this early stage, but sticking to our initial draft I&E budget just help us getting ready for what’s to come…
I know everyone says if creditors wouldn’t accept your IP wouldn’t propose …. But… Is scary, keep thinking they will complain with some of our expenses… Yes is within guidelines… But I can’t stop being scared of it.

Creditors…. I’m still waiting for some statements I requested…. I’m glad I don’t need them anymore. But they were fast charging for the extra copies…
A couple of letter only but a lot of phone calls… I know this is not correct but despite all phone calls I haven’t spoken with them once…
Long time I got the habit of not answering any number I don’t recognise (to many PPI calls), than google it and see who is calling.
I’ve been receiving once a day from creditors but I’m scared of answering the phone. I’m sure they are aware that I’m in the process of a IVA… That’s why I’m scared of answering… Do they want to ask for money!!! Or pressure me!!!

Anyway, I hope one more month and all is done and all phone calls stop.

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Good week…

The week started a bit…. Stressful.. Big stresses… My car was leaking oil… After the long busy week at work manage to put the car in the garage…
It was just a scare this time… Luckily despite being a lot of oil leaking all the time, it wasn’t a big repair…
Just a stupid crack on the filter cap and made all that mess…. One less worry… Now just pray that this old car survives 6 years…

Now on the IVA, my draft proposal is basically ready. Monday will be my first phone call with the administrator from my process to discuss one last time our I&E, so after we can have our meeting with our IP… One more step to debt freedom

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A week “holidays”!!!!

A week “holidays” from the worries…. Yeah right… As if that was ever gonna happen.
Still waiting from my proposal draft. Not “still” as it is taking to long, but as it is a long process and I thought I could try to stop worrying for a week.

My worst nightmare… that could happen in the IVA come to haunt me. So, I’m still haven’t even started and already scared how I’m going to survive this.

Cars… Cars… My little old car… Car started losing oil badly. Took it to the garage and told them that it was due to the filter they had changed around 2 months back. Very helpfully they have swapped the filter as it could be some seals, at no cost.
That was a big scare… I thought… No, the problem was not the filter… So car is still losing oil.
I had a very busy week at work and have now to find courage to take the car back to be checked and fixed… My body shakes just thinking in the cost of this repair. I can imagine the work and time to replace any seal in the engine and I don’t have the money.

Yes I have money saved from not being paying to the creditors. But that is just one month now, only one “disposable income” saved. And if the draft is nearly ready I will need that money to send with the signed proposal…

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Thank you!!

Couldn’t had a better week…
Luigi’s path was chosen as blog of the week and we moved to the next step of my IVA process…

Thank you again, for the blog of the week, this “little” prize will be very handy… I’m saving this to treat myself to a “big smile” from my little angels… Santa is coming to town this year … ho,ho,ho. 🙂
They are getting bigger and smarter, and I’m running out of ideas to have to be away from home every time Santa shows up… But it’s a priceless moment.

And our IVA… The last statement we needed, for our loan, also finally arrived.
Once again, a very fast reply from the IVA company acknowledging the receipt of the documents and detailing the next steps and time frames for it.
We are now in the drafting stage, and is going to be some long couple of weeks waiting.

Being “stuck” at home, when not working, is driving me crazy… I need to be doing something always, to stop me from worrying with little things.

So when I’m alone at home, I’ve started again playing with web-design and WordPress… That also drives me crazy, especially when I can’t do something. But that’s the good part, because I don’t stop until I get it done, and this is the way I’ve learn most things I know on web-design… And I don’t stress with the waiting…

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Everything is so slow…

Another week gone and…. I’m still in the same “place”, same stage…
I can’t believe it has been only a month since we decided to do this, it feels more like 3 months.

Nothing to do with the IVA company… They are perfect… Fast replying to any question or comment… Constant update… Couldn’t be better than this.

It’s the creditors… It’s like they “smell” the IVA approaching and decide to work slow, or maybe like the fact that I requested 3 statements it triggers a alarm … IVA approaching
It’s been nearly 4 week since I requested these, and still nothing, I did get some letters chasing payments, but no statement.
Not to worry we have sorted this in another way, so only missing the loan statement and we can move to the next stage.

Money still going as budgeted, all looking ok if no “hiccups” but I do get worry every time I think on the IVA years and the budget… Cars… Expensive cars… My car is 10 years old… And I think all the time… Will it survive 6years… What if it doesn’t??? I’m scare just thinking about it….

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